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WePlanet is a network of grassroots citizen’s organisations united by a belief in science-based solutions to the climate crisis, biodiversity collapse and the need to eliminate poverty. 

It all started in 2021 when a small group of scientists and environmentalists from around the world gathered in the basement of a cheap hotel in Antwerp. We were brought together by a common belief that to save the planet, humanity needs to go forwards, not backwards. So we decided to create a radical new data-backed environmental movement. A movement centred on progress, urgency and optimism. A movement that loves and embraces science rather than fears and rejects it. 


Today WePlanet has mobilised tens of thousands of citizens around the world in defence of science and technology and now has 16 growing chapters on four continents, with powerful organisations everywhere from Uganda to Finland. WePlanet is unique amongst the environmental movement for being pro-nuclear, pro-GMO and pro-cultivated meat and unique for keeping our positions under constant review so that we always follow the data. Our mission is to rewild vast swathes of the planet and restore our climate, all whilst using the best of modern technology to elevate humanity out of poverty. 


It’s a brave position to take, but it's the right one. 


Our big wins so far include: getting nuclear power included in the EU green taxonomy, winning tens of millions in new EU funding for precision fermentation and mobilising 37 Nobel prize winners and 1,500 scientists to get pesticide reducing gene editing legislation passed in the European parliament.


If you believe in science and love our planet, please join us today. 

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Say you’re pro-nuclear or pro-GMO to an old school environmentalist and they’ll insist you must be funded by industry. But we’re not. That’s why, to maintain our vital independence WePlanet strictly takes no industry funding, gifts or support whatsoever. Our entire organisation is funded exclusively from charitable donations from internationally recognised philanthropic foundations and from small donations from our growing supporter base.


To date we have received funding from Quadrature Climate Foundation, The Dreamery Foundation, The Anthropocene Institute, The Rodel Foundation, The Mycelium Foundation, Climate 2025 and the Winkler Foundation alongside thousands of small donations from our amazing pro-science supporters..

Founding member orgs of the alliance


Our growing branches



SCIENCE: When science is under attack, we defend it 


EQUITY: We fight to get the benefits of modern science and technology with those who need it most. 


OPTIMISM: In the midst of a climate and nature emergency, we are the pragmatists and optimists who refuse to give into the doomsayers. 


BRAVERY: We’re not afraid to tell inconvenient truths. We follow the data and change our mind when we need to. 


ENGAGEMENT: In a world of disinformation, we campaign to make sure those in power follow the science.

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