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Light Up Ukraine

Russia's attacks on Ukraine's energy grid has reduced its capacity and made it more reliant of fossil fuels.

Help light up Ukraine with sustainable, energy efficient LED lights.

Since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine two years ago, Russia has been systematically bombing Ukraine's electricity infrastructure.

Ukraine's electricity grid is heavily damaged, and struggling to provide electricity to everyone that needs it, forcing many to rely on dirty diesel generators - bad for human health, and bad for the climate.

At the beginning of 2023, a special programme was launched by the Government of Ukraine with support from the European Union to exchange power-hungry incandescent light bulbs for energy-saving LED ones.

WePlanet Ukraine wants to provide energy efficient lightbulbs to public hospitals and schools to help reduce costs, reduce demands on a heavily damaged electricity grid, and reduce impacts on the climate.


The priority will be schools and hospitals in Bogdanivka village (Kyiv region) and/or Kaniv city(Cherkasy region).

It's inspiring to note that Ukrainians have already exchanged over 21 million bulbs through this program, and by swapping an additional 18 million incandescent bulbs for LEDs, we can save up to 1,000 MW of electricity, equivalent to the output of a large nuclear reactor.

On the second anniversary of the war the WePlanet global community can help. Please chip in to help build a brighter future for Ukraine.

UNHCR Diesel Generator Ukraine.jpg

Pictured: UN Refugee Agency supplied diesel generator for the Lviv University, Ukraine.

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