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A New Hope: Join us for our Conference in Warsaw, Poland, or watch the livestream, October 2

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

We're excited to announce our first annual Conference. In a very short time, RePlanet has grown into a global citizen’s movement which supports science-led solutions to the climate and nature crisis. By meeting up, we want to exchange ideas with others who are inspired by environmentalism and humanism.

Please come and join us in Warsaw, Poland, on October 2. Admission is free. This event will be livestreamed, so that anyone can enjoy our thought-provoking presentations on the most exciting topics in environmentalism today. We’ll have talks by leading experts, with plenty of opportunities for you to engage and ask questions.

Our speakers:

  • Mark Lynas, environmental writer, on RePlanet. What is it, and why does it exist?

  • Patricia Nanteza, Associate Director for Africa, Alliance for Science, on GMOs in Africa. How can we make sure African countries speak for themselves on the issue of GMOs, and how can we stand up for science across the continent?

  • Christian-Frederic Kaiser of the Germany-based ÖkoProg, on precision fermentation. How can programming micro-organisms revolutionize the way we make animal-free proteins and fats?

  • Iida Ruishalme, environmental blogger, on agriculture and land use. How can we ensure a sustainable food supply that helps both human welfare and natural ecosystems to thrive?

  • Margaryta Pravylo, a Ukrainian-born ecologist living in the UK, on how the war in Ukraine is causing environmental damage, and how nature can be restored.

  • Marcin Napiórkowski, a contemporary mythologies scholar, on how we can create new stories to help save the world.

  • Wiktor Kotowski, a plant ecologist, on biodiversity, restoration and rewilding.

Email with any questions. See you in Warsaw or online!

About RePlanet

RePlanet is a global citizens’ movement inspired by the principles of environmentalism and humanism, with a mission to liberate nature and elevate humanity. As an eco-humanist movement, RePlanet supports and defends radical science-led solutions to the climate and nature crisis – solutions that include advanced nuclear power, biotech breeding techniques and precision fermentation.

In 2021, this wonderful group of smart and dedicated people convened in Antwerp, Belgium, and laid the foundation for what is RePlanet today.

About our host

Since the very beginning, when we were still planting the seeds for what is now RePlanet, our friends at FOTA4Climate in Poland have been instrumental. They have inspired all of us with their campaigns to save trees and their efforts to build connections with other groups to demand a more efficient climate policy. We are truly happy FOTA4Climate has offered to host our first annual conference.


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