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It’s a climate emergency! Drop your
old-fashioned and unscientific opposition to nuclear power, and join us in the fight against fossil fuels instead!

Petition starter: Ia Aanstoot. About me.

We, the undersigned, come together with a shared concern for the environment and a desire to solve the climate crisis. We urge Greenpeace, as one of the largest environmental groups, to reconsider and drop its opposition to nuclear power.

Nuclear energy presents the missing link between a sustainable future for the planet, and a sustainable future for humanity. It is a clean, reliable, and expandable source of energy that together with wind, hydro and solar can power the green infrastructure of the future. By refusing to consider how the circumstances have changed since Greenpeace started their opposition to nuclear energy they are fundamentally failing the climate movement, for the fight now is against fossil fuels, and Greenpeace’s opposition is threatening that fight.

It is evident that renewable energy sources alone cannot meet the growing energy demands of our modern society. Transitioning away from fossil fuels requires a multi-pronged approach, and nuclear power must be a part of that strategy, as the IPCC among others have said multiple times.

So sign the petition to urge Greenpeace to drop their battle against nuclear power, and take up the real battle with all their resources, the battle against fossil fuels.

How is this action funded?
The Dear Greenpeace campaign is run by volunteers. Costs, such as the legal fees for the court case, are being paid for entirely by charitable donations given to WePlanet from individuals and philanthropic foundations. Find out more about our funding in WePlanet's transparency statement here.

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