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Webinar: Reboot Food! How farming is killing the planet and how science could save it

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Join George Monbiot, Gunhild Stordalen and Hanna Tuomisto in RePlanet's special webinar on November 16th, starting 19:30 CET.

What’s the biggest cause of the sixth mass extinction of species?

What emits more greenhouse gas than all the world’s cars, aeroplanes and ships put together?

What kills 75 billion animals a year?


It’s time to face the facts. Our food system ​​– dominated by meat, fish and dairy ​​– is devouring the planet. If we want to leave a liveable world for the next generation, we need to reboot food.

Join scientists, activists, policymakers and farmers for the launch event of RePlanet’s radical new campaign, Reboot Food. In this 60-minute webinar we’ll explore how agriculture became the most damaging industry the planet has ever known, and present a new, provocative, science-backed roadmap to building a food system that allows our natural world to recover.

Don’t miss out as we explore key food technologies like precision fermentation, examine core principles such as land sparing and rewilding, and enthral you with our manifesto of essential government policies, such as ending animal farming subsidies, that could make this transition come true.

When: Wednesday, November 16th

What time: 19:30 CET

Location: online

Speakers confirmed include:

  • George Monbiot

George Monbiot is a British author, Guardian columnist, activist and winner of the prestigious 2022 Orwell Prize for journalism. His latest book, Regenesis, presents a provocative new vision for a post-animal food system and a rewilded world. His 2013 book Feral is widely considered a canonical text in the global rewilding movement.

  • Gunhild Stordalen

Gunhild Stordalen is a Norwegian medical doctor and founder and executive chair of the EAT Foundation, Stockholm. EAT is responsible for the globally influential EAT-Lancet Report which presented a global diet plan that could feed 10 billion people whilst staying within planetary boundaries. Gunhild played a leading role at the UN Food Systems Summit 2021 and sits on the board of a number of foundations and charities.

  • Hanna Tuomisto

Hanna Tuomisto is an Associate Professor of Sustainable Food Systems at the University of Helsinki. She holds a doctoral degree from the University of Oxford. Her research focuses on the potential of novel food production technologies and agroecological farming systems. She's one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of environmental sustainability assessment of cell-cultured food production technologies.


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