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Webinar, Jonathan Symons: Why the left should invest more to solve the climate crisis

Kicking off a series of webinars, RePlanet proudly presents: Jonathan Symons, author of Ecomodernism, on how the political left should adopt increased state investment to solve the climate crisis, and other ideas labeled 'ecomodernist'.

In the debate on how to deal with rising carbon emissions and global inequality, one group of environmentalists known as 'ecomodernists' argue that technological innovation and universal human development hold the keys to an ecologically vibrant future. Their perspective has become controversial in some circles as it rejects the green movement's calls for greater harmony with nature.

In his 2019 book Ecomodernism: Technology, Politics and the Climate Crisis, Jonathan Symons offers a defence of the ecomodernist vision. Jon, who teaches politics and international relations at the Macquarie School of Social Sciences in Sydney, Australia, argues ecomodernism belongs in the social-democratic tradition, promoting a third way between laissez-faire and anti-capitalism.

Critiquing and extending the original ecomodernist ideas, Jon argues that states should defend against climate threats through transformative investments in technological innovation.

Please watch the webinar here on our YouTube channel.

(Photo: Effy Alexakis/Macquarie University)


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