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We've become WePlanet

New name, same great movement. RePlanet rebrands to WePlanet.

New WePlanet wordmark over a waterfall background

When we launched our organisation two years ago, we had no idea we would come this far. What started as a tiny group of European pro-science activists gathering in the stuffy basement of a budget hotel in Antwerp suddenly snowballed into a global movement.

Since our unique brand of pro-nuclear, pro-GMO, data-driven environmentalism hit the press and supporters like you joined our movement, we now have rapidly growing chapters of our movement springing up from Australia to Uganda and Ukraine to Bangladesh. We've made global headlines with provocative and vital campaigns like Dear Greenpeace, we've had significant policy wins with our Reboot Food campaign securing millions in new funding for alternative proteins, and we've even been name checked by a President on stage at COP28.

With this tremendous growth we've hit one small snag we didn't expect when we were small: trademarking. Whilst the name RePlanet worked for a small number of European organisations, as we expanded internationally we've hit legal problems with protecting and owning this trademark globally...

But we can't let this hitch hold us back. And we don't want to dilute our strength by having different names in different countries.

That's why today we're thrilled to announce that our growth has required us to make a very small change. From today we are no longer RePlanet, but WePlanet.

With this new name comes an updated look, a new logo and a subtly updated visual identity that refreshes our disruptive yet crucial voice in the world.

With this tremendous growth we've hit one small snag we didn't expect when we were small: trademarking

We'll be honest. In the history books of dramatic rebrands, this one-letter change is unlikely to get a mention. But for us, ever since we did the work on it, we're actually kind of in love with the change. WePlanet seems to capture our essence even better.

After all, we're a movement that is about people and planet. A force for environmental change that brings together the priorities of the global south and the global north. And more than anything, having the word "we" in our name seems entirely fitting for a campaign group that speaks for the sensible global majority and that supports everyone's right to a modern, prosperous way of life.

Our move to WePlanet marks a significant staging point in our journey to becoming a global force for change. We can't wait to continue that journey with you!


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