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The RePlanet Sessions 2022: A day in photos

On October 2, members and supporters of RePlanet from around Europe came to Warsaw, Poland, for our first annual conference. The livestream is still available here, as part of our YouTube channel. Here’s a photo impression by Sylwia Pietryga.

Since 2020, award-winning photographer Sylwia Pietryga has been part of FOTA4Climate, RePlanet’s member organisation in Poland, which hosted this year’s conference. In groups of young people and citizens of the town where she lives, she has been addressing the problems of climate change as well as evidence-based solutions.

Sylwia works as a photography teacher at the Technical School in Żyrardów, combining her interests in art and science. ‘Every day, I want to show that science should be trusted, and that you should make friends with it,’ she says. ‘I’m not a scientist, but thanks to the art I create, I want to build a bridge between everyday life and science.’

See more of Sylwia’s work on her website and her Facebook page.


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