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An open letter to Greenpeace

Dear Greenpeace,

You may have seen the article in The Guardian today. Or maybe the Germans saw it in Die Welt: We’re the young folks who ask you to please stop your opposition to carbon-free nuclear power.

As you now know, we have sent a request to the European Court of Justice, asking for entry in the legal battle you have started. We think it’s wrong that you want to reverse the EU Commission’s decision to recognise nuclear energy as a climate solution and include it in the EU taxonomy. We want to join this lawsuit on the side of the Commission in order to defend nuclear.

Dear Greenpeace, we support most of your agenda. Some of us still donate to your cause. We’re happy to join you on the streets protesting pollution and demanding action to save nature. But we’re simply tired of your outdated campaigns against nuclear power – a clean energy source the world needs urgently.

The wide media coverage about our request and our campaign, and the support we’ve been getting on social media, should tell you something. It should tell you that it’s time for you to reconsider your old assumptions.

You don’t have to love nuclear. We only ask you to accept the fact that nuclear is not the monster you’ve imagined it to be.

So, please, Greenpeace: Listen to us, young people, and focus on fighting the culprits, not the solutions.

Ia Aanstoot (18), Sweden

Filip Auvoja (17), Sweden

Freek van der Heide (23), the Netherlands

Julia Galosh (22), Poland

Ariel Marchel (14), Poland

François Jaffré (24), France

Ellen Ojala (26), Finland


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