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WePlanet is an alliance of national environmental organisations that share the same values and ambitions. We'ra network of grassroots citizen organisations driven by science-based solutions to climate change, biodiversity collapse and the need to eliminate poverty.

As a young global environmental organization, the start-up of our activities has been made possible by membership fees and donations, as well as very welcome contributions from the Rodel Foundation, Quadrature Climate Foundation, The Dreamery Foundation and the Anthropocene Institute. Our funding has come exclusively from charitable sources. As part of our commitment to transparency all donors of over €5,000 are listed here. We have not received any funding from industry or party political sources.

Read our Interim Transparency Statement here.

Read our Statutes.

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  • We remain respectful of others. We do not blame and shame individuals. We focus on systemic and scalable change. We reject any use of violence.

  • We follow the science. If others refuse to accept scientific evidence on any topic, we consider it our duty to point this out. 

  • We are open-minded. In the light of better evidence, we’re ready to change our minds. We support technologies as means, not ends. 

  • We embrace diversity. We appreciate the fact that we need to cooperate with people with different ideas and backgrounds. 

  • We revere all life. We affirm the rights of all sentient beings to wellbeing. 

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