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Tell the German government to stop the destruction of Lützerath

Photo Credit: Marius Michusch


German energy giant RWE, with the blessing of the German government, is preparing to demolish the village of Lützerath to expand one of its massive lignite coal mines. 

Lignite coal is one of the dirtiest fossil fuels and contributes significantly to the climate crisis and air pollution deaths.


Climate activists are currently occupying Lützerath in an effort to save it and are demanding the German government instead move to phase out fossil fuels in favour of clean energy such as wind, solar and nuclear.

Key demands:

  • Stop the destruction of Lützerath

  • Urgently phase out lignite coal and other fossil fuels

  • Invest in clean energy

  • Invest in energy storage to better utilise wind and solar

  • Stop the Atomausstieg (nuclear phase out)

Tweet one or more of these tweets to the German environment ministers responsible for this decision

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