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Restart German Nuclear


A new report from Radiant Energy Group has found that, "Germany can restart at least eight nuclear reactors, some within 9 months."

The German nuclear phase out has been a disaster for Germany seeing the country failing to achieve their climate goals, severely impacting industry, and causing unnecessary and socially unjust high energy costs for consumers.


In April, 2023 Nobel Laureates and climate scientists signed an open letter to the German government asking them to retain their nuclear reactors. They said, "We call on you to use the remaining German nuclear power plants in order to alleviate the energy crisis and help achieve Germany’s climate targets" 

Since then we have seen the German government debate whether they can keep their 2030 coal phase out, all while ultra dirty lignite coal mines are expanded to meet demand.

This new report shows that it's not too late for Germany to reverse this socially and environmentally destructive policy.


Sign our petition to call on the German government to restart their nuclear fleet. 


Thank you for joining forces with us!

To German Lawmakers,

We the undersigned call on you to immediately work to return closed nuclear reactors to operation, reverse the policy of phasing out nuclear energy in Germany and stop opposing nuclear energy globally.

We are deeply critical of the German governments attempt to position themselves as leaders on climate action and social justice while pursuing an energy policy which is seeing the country close down its' clean nuclear energy while retaining fossil fuels, especially lignite which is the dirtiest fossil fuel.

The current energy policy will all but ensure we fail to achieve global goals of limiting global warming to 1.5C and UN sustainability goals by driving up energy costs globally thus further disadvantaging developing communities, especially in the Global South. 

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